The Ignition Project

Firing up your life - for young chicks

The Ignition Project has a little sister! The Ignition Project for young chicks is a 2 week, interactive online program that teaches smart & savvy strategies to girls keen to be the best they can be.

It's the brainchild of Bianca Chatfield (Former Australian Diamonds Netballer & Melbourne Vixens Captain, Leadership Coach) and
Leigh Russell (Foxtel's Mind Coach on The Recruit, People & Performance Specialist)

This brand new, fresh-as-a-daisy leadership ecourse has been written for you.

(Well, you if you can relate to any of these things):

You are a young chick who is curious about who you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there, and would like  to explore these things with a supportive team of other like-minded girls keen to be the best they can be.

You want to learn some of the successful habits of other women & girls who have had interesting experiences they are busting to share with you.

You want to think about the stuff that will have an impact on you and your future. But not just think about it, challenge your thinking and learn some practical strategies for creating a happy & healthy you.

You might worry a bit about the future, or how to be a leader, or how to create a life game plan and are looking for some information and inspiration!

You are up for a coaching adventure with Bianca & Leigh who have combined their many different experiences, inspirations, successes & failures – and most importantly passion for helping young women become high performing leaders in life, career and business.

Sound like you? We would love you to be part of The Ignition Project #youngchicks!

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What you can expect from the program:

Teenage Girls Using a LaptopOver two weeks (the July school holidays), as part of The Ignition Project for #youngchicks you will be able to:
// Work on something (big or small) each day that will make a difference to you
// Get a daily email with plenty of tips & tricks, ready for you to tackle the daily challenge
// Get the low down from the 'inner sanctum' of elite sport and learn what works & what doesn't
// Be inspired, get awesome mentoring and support from Bianca & Leigh - and other girls just like you

But the most important thing…

Actually spend time on stuff that matters -
The things that make a difference to you and your future self.


So many things we wish we knew when we were starting out were not things you can easily learn in the classroom. We have put together this program based on all of our learnings, failures, challenges and successes over the 30+ combined years we have working in the sporting environment. There are so many lessons from business and sport that can have an impact on you personally and we want to share them with you!

We are going to tackle things such as:

How do I get the best out of myself ?
How do I conquer my fears?
How can I create a positive mindset?
How do I give feedback? What do I do when I get feedback?
What are the things that are holding me back?
Eeek! What am I going to do about it?
How do I successfully do everything - school, sport, friends, family?
How do I lead a team?


What you will get:

A warm up activity to get you thinking about how to make the most of The Ignition Project;

2 weeks of content that will cover big and small themes. You will be able to work on something each day that will make a difference to how you live;

Videos from Bianca & Leigh sharing their stories and experiences to inform & inspire you;

You will also receive an additional ‘Rocket Fuel’ section – full of extra tips, tricks and links if you want to know more. Rocket Fuel will also contain an interview with a special guest that we know you will love!

A Planner workbook to help you work through the content and keep it going after the program finishes.

Meet your Mentors...


Bianca is a champion netballer who has represented Australia since 2001, including Commonwealth Games (winning gold in 2014!), World Championships and countless premierships with the Melbourne Vixens – her home club.

Known for her strength and courage as a leader (Current Vixens Captain and former Diamonds Vice Captain) Bianca has developed a deep understanding of the importance of staying true to yourself whilst empowering those within the team to maximise their potential.

Her road to success hasn’t always been smooth sailing, figuring out the need to embrace her competitiveness, love of a challenge, and persistence to get where she has wanted in life. Always believing that we all have choices and opportunities in front of us and if you focus on what you can control and surround yourself with positive, uplifiting people anything is possible.


Leigh is a straight talking, creative thinking, no nonsense kind of person that loves helping women & girls to create careers, businesses and lives they love.

She uses the lessons she has learnt across many different environments (experiences as diverse as working with senior AFL coaches in the pressure cooker of the coaches box… secondary teaching… CEO life… public speaking…motherhood…working with some of Australia’s top athletes…serving as a director of various companies), as well as her qualifications in the arts, business, counselling and education to create bespoke solutions to impact and inspire.

Leigh’s unique style has seen her become a sought after speaker and Director on a number of boards. She empowers people to take charge of their success path with a mix of proven strategies, and infuses everything she does with her strengths, values, humour and drive.



Here are our A's to your Q's....

Will I have time to do The Ignition Project?

The Ignition Project starts when you are ready to start - and has about 2 weeks worth of content if you do a bit each day. In each section, we will ask you to do something that you can usually complete in 15 mins or less (but could spend more time if you wanted to get more out of it). We think it is an awesome way to spend some of your down time on holidays. Think of it as an opportunity to do some fun learning, hang out with your mentors and make stuff happen!


I don’t think I have the money...

Talk to your parents or caregivers (you will need their permission to sign up anyway). Show them the info and ask them to support you to develop your life toolkit! This is the best, most unique school holiday program you will ever participate in.


I don't want to do this program on my own!

Get your bestie, school friends, whoever is in your inner sanctum and get them on board too. The Ignition Project is all about supporting and inspiring young women everywhere. It is especially effective if your whole team does it together, and can share the learnings along the way.

Also - you will be joining a community of Igniters! You will be able to ask questions and have a chat in the forum (in our special area for Igniters only on our website - Bianca & Leigh regularly drop in there too). Insta fan? Through the program we will be chatting with you on there too.


What does The Ignition Project for young chicks cover?

We have developed info & inspo in 4 areas, to help you develop your game plan:

1: Mindset

2: Leadership

3: Personal Brand

4: Playing Big

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